i'm here to tell your story, your way

I’m Cherece!  Your new third wheel!  I’m ready to laugh, cry, dance, act a fool + make all the magic with you capturing your story.  I live for human connection + understanding what makes us all tick.  I’m a huge sucker for personality tests so if you ever wanna get into the nitty gritty of what makes you, you… I’m totally down.  I’m a sagittarius, an INFP and an enneagram type 9w8, so in a nutshell, I’m on the introverted side, but I love people and creating peace + harmony by constantly seeking understanding of myself and others.  I’m always down for adventure, but also seriously clumsy, so no doubt I will trip, fall, or do something completely dumb during our time together + laugh doing it.  I want to understand what makes you unique so that you feel comfortable + beautiful in front of my camera!

I have a double major in art + theatre and sort of fell into a long career of fashion design before following my heart to do what truly feeds my soul – tell your story through photographs. Ya see… I have been obsessed with visual story telling ever since I can remember… combine that with a passion for human connection + what you get is a photographer who loves real, raw, honest, intimate and vulnerable imagery.  It’s not the big moments in life that make the biggest impact – it’s all the little ones piled up that create a soulful story.  I want to be your story teller.  I want to make you feel all the things when you look back on your beautiful photographs.

"not all those who wander are lost."

I'm a Texas girl through + through, but nothing is better than traveling to new places. I've been to 25 countries and have a long bucket list of places I'm dying to see, so hell yes!! I will travel anywhere to capture the real you!! I live in a small town west of fort worth, texas with the love of my life.  It took a while for us to find each other, but as they say...the best things in life are worth waiting for!   Steve is my generous, loving, hilarious, whiskey drinking, cigar loving, painfully intelligent, The Office obsessed, rock of a man. He's my biggest cheerleader + supporter of my dreams and nothing ever seems real until I get to share it with him. He is the reason I love a good love story + I'm ready to tell yours! so if you're ready to do this thing, hit a girl up!!

let's make some magic together!!